our Mission

Loft & Daughter creates meaningful lifestyle products that celebrate slow and sustainable craftsmanship. Through the co-creation of our designs and mindful partnerships, we uplift disadvantaged artisan communities and bring their ancestral techniques to today’s free spirits. 

Our inspired designs are packed with colour, culture, and stories. Yet, we create with a minimalist mindset, valuing a deeper connection to the things we buy, empowering the people who made them, and honouring the planet we all dance upon. 

By using recycled, repurposed, organic materials, and producing in slow and small batches, our artisan partners can freely express their craft with minimal environmental trace.

our vision 2024

To help keep accountable for our journey towards social & environmental responsibility, here are some goals for the coming year:

  • Increase the recycled component of our jewellery above 60% (explore recycled chain possibilities)

  • Introduce a capsule collection of recycled gold or fair-mind gold vermeil

  • Implement jewellery recycling scheme, working towards a more circular fashion model

  • Introduce jewellery replating service to extend longevity of pieces

  • Develop new 100%-of-profits-for-charity styles (jewellery)

  • Introduce new line of 100% upcycled womenswear

  • Work with a fellow B-Corp organization to measure carbon footprint and work towards net-zero

  • Maintain minimum 2% of revenue to social & environmental causes

  • Increase no. of artisan weeks worked above 75 weeks