Your Loft & Daughter jewellery has been lovingly made and designed to keep. I hope you cherish it and wear for as long as possible, before perhaps passing on to someone special one day…

In order to help maintain the condition for as long as possible, please take care of your jewellery in the following ways;
  • Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as perfumes, soaps, chlorine, make up and hairspray etc. Think of your jewellery as the last thing you put on in the morning, and first thing you take off at night.

  • Always store your jewellery in the soft pouch provided, to avoid tangling, scratching and rubbing. Necklaces should be stored with the chains fastened.

  • Avoid extreme heat, humidity and direct sunlight, and always remove before showering, swimming, exercising and bathing, being particularly mindful to remove rings when washing hands and cleaning.

  • Please use the L&D cloth provided to clean your jewellery and bring back shine. I do not recommend using chemical jewellery cleaners on the gold pieces, which can be abrasive and wear away colour over time.

  • Silver naturally tarnishes over time, however if worn regularly, tarnishing is reduced. Silver is a soft metal and will therefore dent and scratch naturally over time through natural wear and tear- signs of how well loved your jewellery is.

  • Gold pieces are 22 carat gold plated recycled sterling 925 silver, using the process of electrolysis, known as vermeil. It is a premium & long-lasting type of gold plating, without the solid gold price tag. It is natural for the gold plating to fade over time, exposing the silver underneath. This is not a fault, but the nature of gold vermeil plating. But by caring for your jewellery following these guidelines, there is no reason why your gold vermeil pieces can’t look lovely for many moons to come

  • Extra tip: For long periods of time in-between wear, seal in a plastic zip-lock bag with a silica gel packet to zap extra moisture & slow the oxidation process

  • All Loft & Daughter base metals are sterling silver and marked with a 925 stamp. Pieces over 7.78g are tested & hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office to assure the purity of the metals used. Hallmarked pieces are stamped with my unique L&D sponsor’s mark, the Edinburgh Assay Office symbol (3 turrets) and the 925 stamp, guaranteeing the quality of the metals use


Loft & Daughter is proud to work with skilled artisans who slowly and lovingly handcraft each piece. We’re confident in our quality and with proper care, expect your jewellery to be loved for many moons to come. Our one year warranty covers breakage and manufacturing faults, ensuring that your jewellery is repaired or replaced at no extra cost to you. Please email within one year of receipt of your piece.

To help keep your L&D jewellery looking lovely and shiny, please follow the care guidelines above and do feel free to email with any questions.


Each kimono is completely one-of-a-kind and made using pre-loved saris. exact fabric content is unknown due to the nature of using pre-loved fabrics. most are expected to be a viscose and/or silk blend. cold hand wash is recommended.

Packaging- recycling information

Packaging has been designed to leave minimal environmental footprint, please see below recycling advice;

  • Organic cotton jewellery pouch: please re-use me! I’m perfect for storing your jewellery in and travelling with. I’m a handy size to pop in your handbag- you could keep your tampons or mooncup in me if I’m not storing your jewellery!

  • Postal boxes, postal sacks, packaging paper, tissue paper: Please put me in your paper recycling. Postal sacks can also be re-used if the condition is suitable.

  • Recycled cotton stationary: I can be put into your paper recycling or shredded an popped into your compost bin.

  • Packaging tape/ L&D stickers: I have a natural, rubber based adhesive and so can also be popped in your paper recycling!

  • Jute twine: I’m natural and biodegradable and safe for composting (just ensure to cut me into small pieces to ensure no harm to wildlife)

  • Dried foliage: Reuse me, enjoy me and once finished with me, compost me!

  • Wax seal: Carefully peel from the tissue paper when separating the recycling. Wax seal can be kept for a decoration and if not disposed of in normal waste bin (wax seal is being phased out due to environmental commitment but will still be available with the gift box)