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The heartbeats of Loft & Daughter

The reason this brand exists

Born from the belief that what you buy can make a difference,I work with a small & very carefully selected group of artisan partners who bring this brand to life with their enriched indigenous wisdom .
The stories of these empowered artisans are molded, crafted & stitched into Loft & Daughter's DNAand are heavily intertwined with the reason this brand exists.

Through my partnerships with wonderful organisations & social enterprises, who exist to bridge the gap between disadvantaged artisan groups and global trade, these artisans are able to keep their handicraft alive, rising above poverty and improve their standard of living.

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Block Printers

Fashion atelier

jewellery artisans

Our jewellery has been lovingly brought to you by a small team of talented artisans, under the mentorship of my fair trade partner in Jaipur.

These artisans, like many others, have been displaced from flood and drought affected areas of India, in search of sustainable livelihoods. Lead by our head silversmith Mr. Arun, his small team of 7 makers have skilfully crafted the intricate and beautiful pieces in our growing jewellery collections.

Loft & Daughter jewellery is a proud symbol of the social uplift and economic empowerment a fair trade purchase can bring to disadvantaged producers; Mr. Arun trains uneducated youths in the art of silversmithing, giving them the opportunity to earn a dignified living, as opposed to the life of crime they may otherwise find themselves in. Through the provision of necessary resources and infrastructure, support, and guidance, upskilling and access to healthcare, our artisans are able to preserve their craftsmanship and compete with the giant production houses that would otherwise threaten their survival.

block print artisans

Our soft organic jewellery pouches, picnic blankets & wash bags have been thoughtfully brought to life by an inspiring group of women on the outskirts of Jaipur.

Our block-printing warriors have made the brave decision to better their lives by joining an organisation who’s mission is to “progress Indian women through economic empowerment”. By providing vocational training and employment in traditional Indian handcraft techniques such as block printing, Kantha stitch and tassel making, these women are able to enhance their standard of living, sense of dignity and independence, choosing to carve out an alternative life to the bleak path many vulnerable and oppressed women may otherwise find themselves on.

This women’s coop is also sister to an incredible NGO that works primarily to rehabilitate orphaned, abandoned and destitute children. This not-for-profit charity houses, feeds, lovingly cares for, and educates these disadvantaged children in a wonderful ashram next to the women’s coop. The income from products such as our jewellery pouches & picnic blankets is one of the ways it generates income. Following fair trade policies, these women are thrown a lifeline in the form of self-help groups, access to healthcare, training in their chosen craft, a fair wage, safe and supervised working conditions, and a bridge to market opportunities.

fashion atelier

Our upcycled loungewear has been brought to life by the Saheli Women, an all-female social enterprise in rural Rajasthan whose mission is to empower women through economic self-sufficiency.

This incredible organisation creates meaningful livelihood opportunities for over 70 female artisans whilst passionately reviving and preserving ancestral handicraft techniques. Additionally, these women & their children are given access to health care and education through their sister NGO IPHD.

It is a truly joyous place where the women are free not only to express their own creativity, but to have autonomy over their own working schedules, all the while lifting themselves & their families out of poverty.