This year's Gift Good Friday initiative focuses on Loft & Daughter's commitment to Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) & 5 (Gender Equality).

£5 from each order over this period will be donated to FORRAD (The Foundation for Rural Recovery & Development) in India, with the aim to raise enough to keep one girl in education for a whole year.


According to the UN “there is no question that educating girls is a prerequisite for eradicating poverty. Education empowers and transforms women. It allows them to break the "traditional" cycle of exclusion that keeps them at home and disengaged from decision making”

Whether or not a girl goes to school -- and stays in school -- has a profound effect on her and on her future family. Staying in school longer means she will likely marry later, earn a higher wage, have a healthier family and send her own children to school. Your purchase & therefore donation over this time helps to create this positive ripple effect.

Loft & Daughter is passionate about working with empowered women & has so much gratitude for the amazing female artisans who help to bring L&D to life.

In India, girls are disadvantaged from the moment they are born. Traditionally, there is a stark difference between how sons and daughters are treated, from the food they are given, to the education they receive. Aspirations and dreams are crushed from a young age - women are expected only to marry, cook and raise a family.

But, when women are given the tools to succeed, when they break out of societal norms and are empowered to earn a living, they “spend a larger percentage of their income on food and education for their children. Thus, strengthening the economic and political role of women directly benefits the next generation”.

And so, educating girls is a powerful weapon in the fight against poverty.

As a small, purpose-driven brand, this time of year is really tricky to navigate. I'm passionate about staying true to my values, but acknowledge the need to remain competitive amongst all the Black Friday noise.

20% off for you over this period, whilst donating to a cause which passionately aligns with one of L&D’s core missions, is my way of saying thank you for choosing Loft & Daughter at a time when you are bombarded with so many other options, & ensuring the purchases you do make, have more purpose than ever.

Forever grateful for your support,

Katie x

To find out more about this initiative, or to give directly, please see here; FORRAD