Born from the belief that beautiful things can give back too

we are loft & daughter

A purpose driven lifestyle brand that celebrates kind & intentional craftsmanship

Through the co-creation of our designs and mindful partnerships, we help uplift the socio-economic standing of disadvantaged artisan communities, bringing their indigenous wisdom & generation's old techniques to today’s free spirits.

These are the things you keep in the Loft.

These are the things you keep for your Daughter.

We believe it’s our role to make this planet a better place for our children. All our processes, pieces and decisions are earth-conscious & people focused. With each purchase, you’re helping us support environmental causes and social enterprises.

My Story

Loft & Daughter is the child of one woman – me, Katie – in collaboration with heartbeats all over India.

It starts with wanderlust.
In 2016, I quit my job in fast fashion and, with a deep sense of unease with the industry, I embarked on an adventure around the world. It was the magic and artistry of India that planted the seed of inspiration: what if we stopped chasing trends and started crafting timeless pieces?

Building soulful connections.
In 2017, I returned to India, this time with a fierce belief that beautiful things can give back too. I spent the next few months tirelessly selecting organisations to help build a brand that positively impacts people and the planet.

Breathing life into ideas.
In 2019, alongside my wonderful makers and partners, I was able to bring Loft & Daughter to life.  Made from recycled, re-purposed, and organic materials, our pieces honour techniques passed down through generations, whilst protecting the planet for future generations.

& Giving back with gratitude
In 2020, we became a proud member of 1% for the planet, a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving.

In 2023 we became B Corp Certified, proudly joining a community of businesses that meet high standards of social & environmental impact, reinventing business as a force for good.

We’re excited to continue giving back to social and environmental enterprises as we learn and grow.

It's a tale of slower, fewer, and kinder. 

To the free-spirited. Welcome to the family

You are empowered

As an empowered soul, you’re showing solidarity with a community of strong women in India breaking societal norms.

You are mindful

You share our vision of a world without rush. Free from deadlines and unrealistic pressure, we allow artisans space to create.

You are bold

 Barefoot adventures and chasing the sun, our designs are crafted for the wild-hearted. Wear them as a reminder to live courageously.

You are connected

Every purchase grounds you in a world of ancient craftsmanship, divine tales, and respect for the land we all dance upon.